Michael and Crystal Stephens

We are Michael and Crystal Stephens. Married in May 2014, we’re finally joining our creative forces for (mostly) good!

Michael has always enjoyed photography, and he shot his first wedding in 2004. Since then, he’s been continually sought out by family, friends, and strangers to capture their special moments. Around the time he was introduced to his first SLR camera, Michael also began graphic, web, and layout design, for which he has won multiple awards.

I, Crystal, have enjoyed painting from an early age. My mother was an artist and art teacher, so I learned how to paint long before I learned how to write. Some of my biggest painting inspirations come from recreating photos, so I started taking more of an interest in photography. What started off as trying to capture beautiful and unique scenes that I could recreate with a brush and canvas, turned into trying to capture some of the story behind the composition. We are excited to bring together our love for creative arts for this venture. 

Whatever your particular need may be, we can’t wait to have a conversation with you and hear about visions you have for your wedding, portraits, or anything else!